Share Your Story

Climate change can feel both overwhelming and remote in space and time, yet scientists tell us that it's happening here and now.

Are they right? What, if anything, have you observed yourself? Share your observations of what you have and haven’t seen with the All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues Collection. Over time, our collected stories can begin to reveal our priorities as a community and help us and our leaders make decisions that reflect these priorities.

Tell Us Your Belfast Climate Change Story

What can you share?

The ABCD Collection welcomes your contributions in the following formats: 

  • Text: essays, poems, letters, emails, blog posts
  • Images: photographs, artwork, comics
  • Oral histories: interviews with family members, friends, and neighbors
  • Videos: video diaries, short films, animations, old family films
  • Sound recordings: audio diaries, spoken stories, podcasts, soundscapes
  • Documents: materials related to community history and events

Questions to help you get started

Interested, but don’t know where to start? The questions below might get you thinking about something you could share, or give you ideas of who you’d like to interview. 

Think back to your early memories of living in our area. How do those memories compare to what conditions are like now? How hot, cold, wet, dry, snowy, windy, or humid was it? 

Take a look at your garden. Are you growing the same things, weeding the same plants, or have the plants changed somehow? 

Have your favorite fishing holes changed as a result of precipitation or temperatures? 

Take a look at any old pictures or film you might have, the older the better. What do you see that relates to the weather that you’d never see today? Include dates as best you can.

How has your job driving a plow truck changed over the years? 

Are you a sailor or a boater? How have storms and wind patterns changed? 

Have you noticed a change, but aren’t sure if it’s climate related? Come to the library to talk it over with a librarian, or join one of our sharing circles and talk it over with an expert. 

Upload your story to the ABCD Collection

COMING SOON: You can upload your image, video, text etc. to the ABCD Collection. 

If you would like to share your story by phone, mail, or email, please contact us:

Phone - Call (207) 338-3884 ex. 10 and leave a message for Brenda Harrington.

Mail - Belfast Free Library, ATTN: ABCD Project, 106 High Street, Belfast, ME 04915

Email us