Belfast Free Library
Waldo County Vital Records

Journal of the Belfast Branch Aid Society, 1863-1882

This is a handwritten journal.  The opening page (page 3) contains the following information:

"During the summer of 1861 a company of young ladies met one afternoon or evening of each week, for the purpose of rendering such assistance as was considered necessary for the relief of our sick and wounded soldiers.  The work consisted of making such hospital garments as were needed, rolling bandages, scraping lint, making shoe[s], &c &c.  This company continued their labors until the summer of 1863 without any regularly organised Society, when it was proposed to form themselves into an association.  This proposal meeting with the unanimous vote of the company present, an association was accordingly formed..."

Scattered among the annual listings of members of the Society are records of the marriages of its members. These records contain the following marriages from 1863 to 1882:


Source Vol Page Day Month Year City SurnameGroom FirstNameGroom SurnameBride FirstNameBride Comments
C06 M2 9 1864 Belfast White Ansel L. Alden Keary
C06 M2 9 1864 Belfast Russell F. H. Field Mary O.
C06 M2 9 1864 Belfast Hayward Edward Washburn Emma
C06 M2 9 1864 Belfast Longfellow Phineus Wheeler Ella
C06 M2 9 1864 Belfast Willard Robert Williamson Carrie M.D.
C06 M2 11 14 Jun 1865 Belfast Frederick Woodbury Quimby Augusta S.
C06 M2 11 14 Jun 1865 Belfast Hersey Philo Johnson Belle
C06 M2 11 21 Feb 1867 Belfast Leib Edward Dickerson Ellen U.S.Army
C06 M2 11 28 Jun 1866 Belfast Fessenden J.A. Conner Mary A. U.S. Navy
C06 M2 11 9 Oct 1867 Belfast Pendleton Lewis Conner Carrie S. M. D.
C06 M2 11 17 Nov 1866 Belfast Castle W.W. Hazeltine Ellen N.
C06 M2 11 Belfast Brown Rodney Howard Fannie
C06 M2 38 Nov 1869 Belfast Emery R. T. Pitcher Eliza Capt.
C06 M2 38 18 Nov 1869 Belfast Bartlett S. S. Hazeltine Maggie
C06 M2 45 Jun 1870 Belfast Hazeltine Charles M. Knowlton Josie
C06 M2 45 Jun 1870 Belfast Knowlton Frank Winslow Maria
C06 M2 53 25 Dec 1871 Belfast McDonald L.C. Abbott Emma
C06 M2 53 27 Dec 1871 Belfast Knight Geo. Baker Anna Belle
C06 M2 53 10 Oct 1871 Belfast Mitchell James H. Pote Ada
C06 M2 53 6 Nov 1871 Belfast Coombs L.C. Sleeper Emma
C06 M2 62 Oct 1872 Belfast Poor Clarence Perry Isa
C06 M2 62 18 Dec 1872 Belfast Barker Fred White Emma
C06 M2 62 Sep 1872 Belfast Utter D. F. Palfrey Rebecca Rev. Utter
C06 M2 62 31 Jul 1872 Belfast Quimby Geo. A. Quimby Rose
C06 M2 62 Nov 1872 Belfast Hersey Samuel Holloway Ella
C06 M2 63 21 May 1873 Belfast Pote Geo. P. Fifield Ella Ella Fifield of Boston
C06 M2 63 Sep 1873 Belfast Harriman James Dutton Ella
C06 M2 63 Oct 1873 Belfast Norrington Henry White Fannie
C06 M2 63 Jan 1873 Belfast Moody Richard Hayford Lizzie
C06 M2 63 Nov 1874 Belfast Bailey Sam'l White Susan J.
C06 M2 79 20 Jan 1874 Belfast Mitchell Chas. H. Holmes Mary
C06 M2 79 17 Dec 1874 Belfast Woodward L. D. Nickels Lizzie
C06 M2 79 Nov 1874 Belfast Sleeper Llewellyn Lancaster Ellen
C06 M2 122 20 Nov 1877 Belfast Woodcock H. L. Faunce Alice W.