Read Me

The Belfast Free Library is joining libraries across the state in offering:

Read ME: A statewide summer reading program that gets everyone reading the same books by Maine authors and recommended by a Maine author, no less. It’s so easy,  you can’t NOT do it!

The Maine Humanities Council and the Maine State Library partnered to create this program. They asked Maine’s own Monica Wood to pick one fiction and one non-fiction book to recommend.

Monica’s picks( and why she picked them):

FICTION: Unknown Caller by Debra Spark
“I was up all night with this riveting, gorgeously written novel about a married couple, an unpredictable ex-wife, and a recently discovered daughter. Spark tells their story in reverse order, each chapter revealing layers of insight and intrigue as we backtrack through a complex constellation of relationships. No one I know writes with more depth and empathy about marriage and family. Her emotional intelligence is astounding.”




NONFICTION: The Moth: 50 True Stories

“Originally presented live without notes, the stories in The Moth span the breadth of human experience. A cardiac emergency in a stuck elevator. A famous rap artist saved from despair by music far outside his sphere. A difficult adoption story that finds rest and resolution in Maine. By turns poignant and comical, tragic and triumphant, these stories, told mostly by ordinary folks, made me feel less alone in this huge world. I hope this book choice will inspire “Moth nights” all over Maine, because we Mainers are born storytellers.”



Come on in and pick up or reserve your copy and stay tuned for additional programming!