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Past Surveys

What Should Be in Belfast's Climate Action Plan?

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This 2-question online survey was available on the Belfast Free Library’s ABCD web pages (and disseminated via the ABCD monthly newsletter, social media posts and at events), and had 18 respondents from February to September 2022.

Read the complete survey responses here.

Belfast Climate Action Community Input Form

This ABCD survey was created mainly to collect ideas from attendees at the June 14, 2022 Community Climate Conversation providing input to the Belfast Climate Crisis Committee for drafting Belfast’s Climate Action Plan.

6 people submitted their comments; mainly those attending the meeting on Zoom, but a couple other folks responded after the meeting.

You can read all comments in context of our summary of the 6/14/22 Community Climate Conversation; they are also on this page as a PDF file.

Has Your Livelihood or Business Been Affected by Climate Change?

This ABCD survey was included in our February 2022 newsletter, complementing the Farmer Panel Discussion we held with local farmers on how climate change was affecting their livelihoods.

Read the survey responses here.

Climate Hopes for the New Year

In January 2022, ABCD sent a survey in our monthly newsletter (and our our website and Facebook page). Respondents were asked in multiple-choice form, what gives you the most hope for climate change this year? 13 people responded, including a couple later responses through July 2022.

Comments are shown in full here. 

Are Your Holiday Habits Different Now Because of Climate Change?

In this December 2021 ABCD survey from our newsletter (and on our website), 13 people responded (including a few later responses up through July 2022).

See all responses here

Did You or Someone You Know Move to the Belfast Area Because of Climate Change?

This ABCD online survey was shared in our November 2021 newsletter, on our website and on the Belfast Free Library Facebook page. 10 people responded (with a few responses coming in later, through July 2022).

See the survey responses here.

What Are Your Top Concerns Locally About Climate Change?

This Google survey from October 2021 was included in an ABCD newsletter, our website, and the Library’s Facebook page. 15 respondents chimed in, with a few responding later, up through July 2022.

Read respondents' comments here

Extreme Heat Community Survey - August 2021

In August 2021, 61 Belfast area residents were surveyed about how they coped with the extreme heat of the summer. This survey was administered by the Belfast Climate Crisis Committee and the Belfast Free Library's "All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues" (ABCD) project. Survey participants were at the following locations: Belfast Soup Kitchen, Belfast Area High School, Senior Center at Belfast Boathouse, and Greater Belfast Area Ministerial Food Cupboard.

Survey results are summarized in a PDF document on the ABCD website. It was of interest to note that 22% of participants (or a family member) had suffered medically from the heat - including heat stroke, breathing difficulties, COPD, and asthma. Also, 37% of respondents were concerned about a neighbor or friend during heat events.

The Belfast Climate Crisis Committee continues its work to learn more about how extreme heat is affecting community members, and what ideas it might recommend to the City to help with this issue.

If you or your family or neighbors have experienced the effects of extreme heat days, the ABCD project and the Climate Crisis Committee invite you to share your story, concerns and ideas - on the ABCD website, or directly with the Climate Crisis Committee.

All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues began in 2020 as a grant-funded project to facilitate conversations among a broad cross-section of the Belfast community about climate change. The ABCD project became a presence in the community, establishing the Library as a source for information and a gathering place for conversation about the climate crisis and community response. From 2020-2023, ABCD held over 35 educational programs & community conversations engaging well over 1,000 people. The Library will continue to offer educational programming on topics around the climate crisis; and will continue supporting citizens to take action.

This project of the Belfast Free Library was made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS grant number: APP-246100-OLS-20). Contact: [email protected].