All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues

Welcome to All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues (ABCD), a community memory project funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services. Our goal is to collect, document and save Belfast residents’ thoughts and feelings about climate change impacts at this critical time, as a benchmark for future reference - and perhaps as a catalyst for taking action now.

To accomplish this, the library will host a series of programs on climate change with follow up sessions with time for reflection and conversation. Participants will be invited to share their climate change observations in words, pictures or video to our digital archive. See below for the schedule of events, how to contribute to this project and a links to informative webpages about climate change, dialogue and what Belfast is doing to respond.

Upcoming Events

“Sea Level Rise, Storms, and Citizen Science”
Tuesday June 22nd at 6:30 pm on Zoom

The first ABCD program is presented in collaboration with the Climate Crisis Committee. Gayle Bowness, Coastal Resilience Program Manager at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute will join us to explain why sea level rise in the Gulf of Maine is causing more cities and towns along the coast to experience frequent flooding. She will also share exciting updates to the Coastal Flooding Citizen Science Project that was launched in Belfast in 2020.

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Share Your Story

We want to hear YOUR stories, memories and reflections on how climate is changing. Have you been at the waterfront during a big storm, watching the waves come over the breakwater and boats break loose? Do you have observations of how gardening and farming have changed over the past decades? Can you recollect ticks being a problem in Belfast when you were growing up?

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Belfast is Responding to Climate Change

The City of Belfast has been proactive about reducing its carbon footprint, investigating potential impacts of climate change such as sea level rise, and mitigating potential impact. Learn more about what our city has done to date.

Why Talk About Climate Change?

Climate change requires humans to respond collectively: to create policy, to change practices;
"Individuals, communities, societies act on climate change through communication with others”

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Climate Change 101

There is broad agreement in the scientific community that climate change is real, happening now, and that it poses risk to life as we know it. Explore our collection of resources -- from basics to advanced -- to learn more.

This project was made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. IMLS grant number: APP-246100-OLS-20

Read the proposal on the IMLS website scroll down to find Belfast Free Library.