All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues

Welcome to All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues (ABCD), a community memory project funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services. Our goal is to collect, document, share and save Belfast area residents’ observations, perspectives, concerns and hopes about climate change impacts in our region at this critical time. This collection will increase awareness among residents of each others’ experiences, and serve as a benchmark for future reference - and perhaps as a catalyst for taking action now.

To accomplish this, the library will host a series of programs on climate change with follow up sessions with time for reflection and conversation. Participants will be invited to share their climate change observations in words, pictures or video to our digital archive. See below for the schedule of events, how to contribute to this project and a link to informative webpages about climate change, dialogue and what Belfast is doing to respond. Get involved by taking a short survey, and stay informed by signing up for the monthly ABCD newsletter.

Upcoming Events

Finding Hope in the Face of Climate Change

Watch the recording here

Tuesday, November 30th at 6:30 pm on Zoom

Ordinary people have more power to change the world than they think they do. But it is hard to stay positive and motivated in the face of devastating weather and constant bad news about politics and the environment. Join us as we welcome author Susan B. Inches for a presentation on how to find your power and take action for the environment—as an advocate or within current daily activities. By working together, we can create a healthy future where all life is respected, revered and nurtured. This talk will show you how.

Share Your Story

Calling all Belfast area residents! How is climate change impacting you, your family, and our community?
Concerned about extreme heat days?
Worried about sea level rise?
Afraid of ticks and brown tail moths?
Confused about community solar?
Curious about heat pumps?
Wondering about impacts for farmers, fishermen, foresters, or others?

We invite you to share YOUR concerns, observations, and hopes about the impacts of climate change in our region, and to see what others are saying.

Share your story on the ABCD site

Have your voice heard- take a quick survey and tell us what climate change issues are important to you.

Belfast is Responding to Climate Change

The City of Belfast has been proactive about reducing its carbon footprint, investigating potential impacts of climate change such as sea level rise, and mitigating potential impact. Learn more about what our city has done to date.

Why Talk About Climate Change?

Climate change requires humans to respond collectively: to create policy, to change practices;
"Individuals, communities, societies act on climate change through communication with others”

Explore more here

Climate Change 101

There is broad agreement in the scientific community that climate change is real, happening now, and that it poses risk to life as we know it. Explore our collection of resources -- from basics to advanced -- to learn more.

This project was made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. IMLS grant number: APP-246100-OLS-20

Read the proposal on the IMLS website scroll down to find Belfast Free Library.