What Should Be In Belfast’s Climate Action Plan?

The community discussion on the initial draft of the Belfast Climate Action Plan held June 14th was an inspiring event. Moderated by ABCD’s Sarah Kirn, we began with a visioning exercise where audience members shared ideas to “paint a picture of a future we all want to live.”
Visions included: a walkable/bikeable community, car-free lifestyle, better public transportation, electric vehicles & charging stations, net-zero homes for ALL, cleaned up industrial spaces, vibrant ecosystems.

Read the synopsis here

There is much more to discuss. We plan to schedule single topic meetings in the near future. Stay tuned!


The initial draft of Belfast’s Climate Action Plan (5/02/2022) has been created by the Belfast Climate Crisis Committee, and it is ready for your review and feedback!

Download the Climate Action Plan draft here and then let us know your thoughts: Climate Action Plan
Download the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report here.

The public is invited to a facilitated community discussion on the initial draft of the Belfast Climate Action Plan, Tuesday June 14th at 6pm in the Abbott Room of the Belfast Free Library. The event is co-sponsored by the Library’s All of Belfast Climate Dialogues project and the City of Belfast Climate Crisis Committee.

If you cannot attend in person register for the zoom link here.

4 ways to share your input and make sure Belfast community voices are heard:

  1. Attend the community meeting on Tuesday, June 14th at 6 PM, in the Abbott Room at the Belfast Free Library and on Zoom. The Belfast Climate Crisis Committee will be in attendance, as well as participating organizations from the 1st Waldo County Climate Change Symposium. They are eager to hear your feedback.
  2. If you can’t make the meeting, email the Belfast Climate Crisis Committee at [email protected] with your suggestions or questions. Please put CAP in the subject.
  3. Take the quick survey below to tell us what you think should be prioritized in the Climate Action Plan.
  4. Please, spread the word! Everyone’s input is valued and needed. Share through Facebook, Instagram, the ABCD email newsletter, and especially in person with your friends and neighbors.