Barbara Kramer Gallery

July Exhibit

TRAVELS WITH NEAL Photographs by Penny Linn

“Eye to Eye with Neal Parent” Dublin, Ireland

After a 40 year hiatus from photography Penny Linn embarked on a journey to rekindle her passion for the art which entailed exiting the film world and entering the digital age of image making. In addition to attending courses at the Maine Media Workshops Linn participated in several travel photography tours with Neal Parent, a close friend and a renowned photographer from Belfast, Maine.

This exhibit is a collections of 16 photographs from Linn’s travels.



About the Gallery:

The Barbara Kramer Gallery at the Belfast Free Library, located on the ground floor, was named in memory of Barbara Kramer who was an ardent supporter of the visual arts in the Midcoast area in the 1980s until her death in 1998. When the library was undergoing a significant expansion in the late 1990s, a group of area residents with the encouragement of the Library Board of Trustees raised funds to create this special exhibition space where art and or other materials relating to the history of the library or Belfast can be displayed.