Barbara Kramer Gallery


paintings by Lesia Sochor

Local artist Lesia Sochor will exhibit a selection of works from her “Threads” series in the Kramer Gallery . The exhibit is in conjunction with sewing classes for children that are being held at the library; the paintings are all united by the common thread of sewing.

The “Threads” series began with depictions of spools of thread, evolving into women’s bodices and mannequins. Sochor’s latest work portrays attired women painted in thin transparent oils on collaged sewing pattern paper. The images comment on the beauty, power and art of fashion, the demise of handcrafted clothing, the enormity of the garment industry and raises the question of ‘where are our cloths made’?  Sochor believes that despite technology there is a yearning for tactile process. At one time a needle was a woman’s most prized possession.


About the Gallery:

The Barbara Kramer Gallery at the Belfast Free Library, located on the ground floor, was named in memory of Barbara Kramer who was an ardent supporter of the visual arts in the Midcoast area in the 1980s until her death in 1998. When the library was undergoing a significant expansion in the late 1990s, a group of area residents with the encouragement of the Library Board of Trustees raised funds to create this special exhibition space where art and or other materials relating to the history of the library or Belfast can be displayed.