Barbara Kramer Gallery

A mixed media exhibit by Alice Hobbs Parsons

In this exhibit, Parsons honors her family by focusing on their lives in rural Kentucky from the mid-19th through the 20th century; and by acknowledging their influence on her art. There were no boys in her family, and Parsons liked helping her grandfather and stepfather with repairs and outdoor chores, “thus my admiration for tools and metal.” Her great-grandmother, grandmother and mother wove carpets, quilted, sewed, crocheted and embroidered and, as a result, so does she.

“All of them taught me to be creative by using items for unintended purposes. For this show, I have combined photographs, stories, broken furniture, tools, metal and fiber, sometimes instilling seemingly mundane items with beauty,” she said.



For her mixed media work “Lula’s Horses,” Alice Hobbs Parsons glued a Photoshop reproduction of a 1921 photo of her grandmother, Lula Hawkins, to the inside bottom of a silver chest Hawkins bought in 1934. The little hinges remain; the larger metal pieces are horse bits.


About the Gallery:

The Barbara Kramer Gallery at the Belfast Free Library, located on the ground floor, was named in memory of Barbara Kramer who was an ardent supporter of the visual arts in the Midcoast area in the 1980s until her death in 1998. When the library was undergoing a significant expansion in the late 1990s, a group of area residents with the encouragement of the Library Board of Trustees raised funds to create this special exhibition space where art and or other materials relating to the history of the library or Belfast can be displayed.