Maine Climate Action Resources

Mainer's guide to climate incentives

Mainer's Guide to Climate Incentives summarizes rebates, tax credits and other incentives from state and federal programs to help you make smart, climate-friendly investments in your home, transportation, business, and more.

Maine Won't Wait climate action plan

Maine Won't Wait Climate Action Plan is Maine's four-year climate plan packed with actionable strategies and goals to emit less carbon, produce energy from renewable sources and protect our natural resources, communities and people from the effects of climate change.


Maine Won't Wait Dashboard tracking Maine's progress on climate action, including greenhouse gas emissions, heat pump installations, electric vehicles and chargers, home weatherization, clean energy jobs, land conservation and more.

university of maine climate change instituteUniversity of Maine Climate Change Institute fosters learning and discovery through excellence in graduate academic programs, addresses local and global needs through basic and applied research, and contributes research-based knowledge to make a difference in people’s lives.

university of maine climate futuresUniversity of Maine Climate Futures is a framework for developing plausible scenarios of future climate for adaptation, mitigation, and sustainability efforts at local, regional, and global scales.

University of Maine climate reanalyzerClimate Change Institute's Climate Reanalyzer is an interactive website for visualizing an array of climate and weather models and station data to develop plausible scenario plans for a particular region.

efficiency maine

Efficiency Maine offers rebate programs and incentives to help you upgrade the efficiency of your home or business, including heating, lighting, insulation, appliances and water heaters, electric vehicles and more.

a climate to thriveA Climate to Thrive on Mount Desert Island is working to build a model of community-driven, solutions-focused climate action; their Local Leads the Way monthly meetings are for anyone involved in or contemplating community-driven climate action.

center for an ecology-based economyCenter for an Ecology-Based Economy in Norway, Maine focuses on systemic change toward climate justice and practical, ecological solutions. They work to build community resilience across the interrelated areas of our economy including education, food, energy, shelter and transportation.

sierra club maine

Sierra Club Maine Chapter is a volunteer-run grassroots organization working to protect Maine's wilderness heritage, fight global warming & promote smart growth, safeguard Maine’s clean water and coastline, promote clean air and energy efficiency, hold public officials accountable, and support pro-environment candidates for public office.

island institute

Island Institute works to preserve and protect Maine's working waterfronts, support coastal livelihoods, and build resilience for our marine economy and those who depend on it.

gulf of maine research instituteGulf of Maine Research Institute is dedicated to the resilience of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and the communities that depend on it, developing and delivering collaborative solutions to global ocean challenges.

natural resources council of maineNatural Resources Council of Maine's climate and clean energy work is focused on cleaner cars and trucks, clean and renewable energy production, and greater energy efficiency.


maine conservation votersMaine Conservation Voters is working to protect Maine's environment, democracy and our climate future by influencing public policy, holding politicians accountable, and winning elections.

 Maine Climate Action Now is a statewide coalition of grassroots organizations who support transformative action in response to the climate crisis.

All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues began in 2020 as a grant-funded project to facilitate conversations among a broad cross-section of the Belfast community about climate change. The ABCD project became a presence in the community, establishing the Library as a source for information and a gathering place for conversation about the climate crisis and community response. From 2020-2023, ABCD held over 35 educational programs & community conversations engaging well over 1,000 people. The Library will continue to offer educational programming on topics around the climate crisis; and will continue supporting citizens to take action.

This project of the Belfast Free Library was made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS grant number: APP-246100-OLS-20). Contact: [email protected].