Annual Appeal 2019

October 11, 2019

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Belfast Free Library has staying power, as evidenced from its establishment in 1887 following major bequests from Paul Hazeltine and Nathanial Wilson. According to Webster, staying power is a quality or ability that allows something to continue to be effective, successful, and popular for a long period of time. This staying power is thanks to YOU because ever since the library’s establishment, library supporters in the community have provided the funds necessary to meet the needs of our library community.

Another reason for the library’s staying power is the foresight and determination of the staff and administration. Changing times and changing needs translate to changing services. Remember when libraries lent out LPs, VHS tapes, and made typewriters available for use? Remember 8-track music cassettes? Now, fast forward to the new Makerspace the Library has made available: PC laptops, MacBook, multiformat color printer, high resolution scanner, Bluetooth-accessible wall-mounted monitor, VHS-to-DVD converter, video camera, lighting equipment, and green screen, just to name a few items for your use.

Many new services, including the numerous streaming services the library makes available for your at-home access, are costly and difficult to incorporate into an operating budget. But your generosity over the years and your trust in the staying power of the library have allowed services to be up-to-date and relevant for changing times.

Sociologist Eric Klinenberg in his New York Times article “To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library” states that the library is “social infrastructure,” which he defines as “the physical spaces and organizations that shape the way people interact… places for culture and company.” What an important role the Belfast Free Library plays in our precious community. As City Manager Joe Slocum recently stated at a Belfast City Council meeting, “I strongly encourage the Belfast community to seriously think about leaving an endowment to the Belfast Library, which reaches more people than anything I can think of in all of Waldo County. It’s really a meaningful legacy.”

The Belfast Free Library would be honored to receive your financial expression of support.


Kay Zegel

Library Board President


The Belfast Free Library is a not for profit organization recognized as tax exempt under Internal Revenue code section 501(c)(3). Contributions to the Belfast Free Library are tax-deductible to the fullest extent established by law.

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