Belfast Responds to Climate Change

In 2014 the City of Belfast  established an Energy Committee made up of 2 city councilors, private citizens and the City Planner. The Committee focused on finding ways to reduce fossil fuel use to save money and reduce carbon footprint.

Since 2014 the city and the  committee have overseen three solar projects, upgraded all municipal lighting to LED, conducted energy audits and improvements to to city buildings and facilities. In 2018 when the 5,000 panel solar farm on Crocker Rd went online, the combined solar farms generate enough electricity to offset 90% of municipal electricity costs.

In 2018 the City of Belfast established one of the first municipal climate committees in the state. One of the first actions of the Climate Crisis Committee was to produce the report entitled Sea Change in the Gulf of Maine: The Outlook for Belfast. This report led to the creation of the coastal flooding: storms and sea level rise citizen science project.

The Climate Crisis Committee remains active, holding twice monthly meetings, offering public programs every month on climate change topics, outreach to the Belfast Hight school to engage students.

In 2020 the city completed two shore land stabilization projects to mitigate significant coastal erosion, one in city park and the second east side of the Armistice Bridge.