Friday Night Flix

March: Maine in the Movies



March marks the Bicentennial of Maine’s admission to the Union. This month the Friday Night Flix series will present four movies set in Maine in honor of the celebration.

All films are free and are shown Fridays at 7 PM in the Abbott Room of the Belfast Free Library.

March 6th

The Shawshank Redemption (Directed by Frank Darabont, 1994)
Based on Stephen King’s short story about the friendship between two men in a Maine prison, The Shawshank Redemption was a box office failure on its initial release, but has since become a popular and well regarded modern classic. Starring Timothy Robbins and Morgan Freeman, who received an Academy Award nomination for his performance, one of eight the film received overall.

March 13th

In The Bedroom (Directed by Todd Fields, 2001)
In The Bedroom is a powerful family drama filmed in Camden, Maine. Sissy Spacek was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as the mother in a family that is shattered by a sudden, violent turn of events. Tom Wilkinson, Marisa Tomei and some very recognizable local scenery also star.

March 20th

The Whales of August ( Directed by Lindsay Anderson, 1987)
Bette Davis and Lillian Gish, in her last film role, portray two widowed sisters who spend their last years summering on an island in Maine, and confronting the long standing issues in their relationship. Vincent Price and Ann Southern also star. Shot on location on Cliff’s Island, in Casco Bay

March 27th

The Cider House Rules (Directed by Lasse Hailstorm, 1999)
Based on a novel by John Irving, The Cider House Rules follows the story of a young man, played by Tobey Maguire, who grow up in an orphanage in Maine in the 1940s. Michael Caine won the Oscar for best Supporting Actor for his role as the orphanage director. The cast also includes Charlize Theron, Paul Rudd, Kathy Baker and Jane Alexander.