Recorded Adult Library Programs


In the meantime please enjoy these recorded programs that were filmed at the library.

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Panel Discussion: After Summit: How Do We Get to Carbon Neutrality by 2045?

Hosted by the Belfast Climate Crisis Committee and the Library on March 29, 2021. The panel discussion included: Daniel Sosland , Acadia Center; Matt Marks, Director, Associate General Contractors of Maine; Jonathan Fulford, Sierra Club; Andy Meyer, Efficiency Maine; Jon Beal, chair of the Belfast Climate Crisis Committee, moderated the discussion.


Upstream Solutions to Recycling and Plastic Pollution

Chrissy Adamowicz, Natural Resource Council of Maine Sustainable Maine Outreach Coordinator, will speak about how/why our broken recycling system is contributing to a plastic pollution crisis. Learn about upstream solutions, and Maine’s latest efforts to fix recycling. Chrissy has been working at NRCMfor 2.5 years, providing education and outreach to communities on waste solutions. This program was recorded on February 18, 2021

Arctic Exploration, Science, and the Inuit a presentation with Paul DeOrsay

The Camden Conference, Penobscot Marine Museum, and the Belfast Free Library co-sponsored this presentation on Wednesday February 17, 2021.

Pond Life: Under the Ice From Winter Into Spring with Edwin Barkdoll

The Belfast Garden Club presented this program on Tuesday February 16, 2021. Join Maine Master Naturalist and photographer
Edwin Barkdoll for an exploration of life under the ice culminating in the annual amphibian emergence and migration.

Come Boating! Winter Adventure Series: Boats Light up My Day with Art Paine

Art Paine, a 76 year old sea dog describes his lifelong love of designing, building and restoring boats. He gushes about beautiful boats, and maybe gives a few hints on how to get the best out of whatever boat you own. Art will present a beautiful video of their work made by Leif Heimbolt. “TRIES: Another Hundred Years. A Luders 16 Restoration.”


Maine Whaling: To the Arctic and Beyond-talk by Charles Lagerbom

The Camden Conference, Penobscot Marine Museum, and the Belfast Free Library sponsored this presentation on January 28, 2021.


Maine Wild Blueberry History with David Yarborough

This program co-sponsored by the Belfast Garden Club was recorded on January 26, 2021. David Yarborough will describe the establishment of the wild blueberry plants as the glacier receded 10,000 years ago and the beginnings of the industry in the 1800’s. He will follow the utilization of wild blueberries and the production which was first picked fresh, then canned but is now principally frozen and used as an ingredient in products. David Yarborough, PhD. Is an Emeritus Blueberry Specialist and Professor of Horticulture at the University of Maine.


Natural Resource Council of Maine and their work to protect Maine's Forests and Wildlife

On Thursday January 21, 2021 Lisa Pohlmann, Executive Director, and Melanie Sturm, Director of Forests and Wildlife gave this presentation, which was co-sponsored by the Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition.


Microplastic Pollution in Aquatic Environments with Marine Scientist Abby Barrows

This program presented by Friends of Sears Island and the Belfast Free Library was recorded on January 14, 2021. Microplastic pollution is considered an emerging issue of international concern. An estimated 8-10 million tons of plastic make their way into the oceans each year. Directing microplastics research since 2012 Abby Barrows initiated the first baseline data map of microplastic pollution distribution in Maine.


Increasing Biodiversity on a Landscape Scale with Jack Shaida

This program was a presentation by the Belfast Garden Club and the Belfast Free Library. It was recorded on January 19, 2021.
Jack Shaida is the Stewardship Project Manager for Coastal Mountains Land Trust, managing its Waldo County preserves and easements, comprising over 7,000 acres and 20 miles of trail. Jack also leads new land projects, working with private landowners to conserve their properties. A graduate of the College of the Atlantic, with a BA in Human Ecology, with a focus on conservation management and environmental law, Jack first came to work for the land trust in 2017.


Maine Climate Council's Action Plan: What Does it Mean for Belfast? with Brian Ambrette

Monday, December 14 The Belfast Free Library hosted a presentation with Brian Ambrette, from the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future, entitled “The Maine Climate Council’s Action Plan: What Does it Mean for Belfast?”
Ambrette will describe the plan’s recommendations overall, and look at ways for Belfast to coordinate and collaborate with the state on its actions, since municipalities will be central to the plan’s implementation. The talk was sponsored jointly by Belfast’s Climate Crisis Committee and The Belfast Free Library.



Russia's Interest in the Arctic a talk with Dick Topping

The Camden Conference and the Belfast Free Library co-sponsored this talk with Dick Topping on December 8, 2020.
For more information on the 2021 Camden Conference, "The Geopolitics of the Arctic: A Region in Peril", please visit


Virtual Book Launch and Poetry Reading with the Poetry Woodshed

This presentation was recorded Thursday December 3, 2020. wood is the first anthology from the Belfast writing group Poetry Woodshed.

Woodshed, founded by former Belfast Poet Laureate Ellen Sander and Joel Lipman. the first Poet Laureate of Lucas County, Ohio. The group has been meeting in Belfast, Maine since the summer of 2015. The poets of wood are: Avery Booth Stone, DiTa, Matthew Eichenlaub, Jacob Fricke, Rebecca Jessup, Margie Kivel, Joel Lipman, Catherine Neuhardt-Minor, Susan Reeder Taylor, Ellen Sander, and Lourdes Tutaine-Garcia.

To purchase a copy of "wood" please go to adult_audience_rating=00&page=1&pageSize=10&q=sander+lipman+wood4



Seasonal Habits of Maine’s Mammals with Laura Craver-Roger

Friends of Sears Island and the Belfast Free Library hosted this Zoom presentation on Tuesday December 1, 2020.
Laura Craver-Rogers is the Education and Outreach Supervisor for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. She works with many of the MDIFW staff to create, plan and promote educational programs about Maine’s wildlife and wild places, including several virtual wildlife talks from Maine Wildlife Park. Laura has been an educator and presenter for over 10 years and has a background in wildlife biology, ecology, environmental education, and interpretation.


"Winter Bird Count Warm Up: Preparing for the annual Christmas Bird Count" with Seth Benz.

The Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition and the Belfast Free Library co-sponsored this talk on November 19, 2020.
If you have ever wondered what a Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is all about, look no further. Seth Benz, our local North Penobscot Bay CBC coordinator, will cover the basics of the Christmas Bird Count, including where, when, and how to get involved. Seth Benz is the director of bird ecology at Schoodic Institute in Acadia National Park.


"Planting for a Changing World" a presentation by Aleta McKeage

The Belfast Garden Club and the Belfast Free Library co-hosted this virtual program on Tuesday November 17, 2020.
Natural systems of Maine are undergoing rapid, devastating change due to a convergence of many factors including climate change and invasive species. The effects together have a complex, negative synergy that worsens the impacts of each. Hope and a spirit of healing and restoration is actually a way of being we should adopt as gardeners, however, as there is much we can do to directly address climate change and the degradation of our natural surroundings. This talk will explore the plight at hand, with useful summaries of current science, and provide specific ideas for taking effective, restorative action in our gardens and in our communities.

Aleta McKeage is a conservation biologist who has completed projects for local, state, and federal agencies as well as Mid-Coast Maine landowners and non-profits. She is currently the Technical Director of Waldo County Soil and Water Conservation District. Aleta has expertise in native plants, controlling invasive plants and in the development of ecological restoration projects. She enjoys teaching about nature and mentoring the next generation of environmentalists.



"China's Interest in the Arctic" a Camden Conference talk with Matt Ward

The Camden Conference and the Belfast Free Library hosted Matt Ward on November 10, 2020 for a discussion on China’s interests in the Arctic.
Matt Ward made a career of foreign diplomacy, having served the United States from 1967 to 1996 in several countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Haiti, Iran, Thailand, and China. He pioneered the refugee processing system for “boat people” arriving on the shores of Indonesia and Singapore, and under his directorship in Taiwan, scores of U.S. diplomats were trained in Chinese language, culture, economics, history, and politics.

The 34th annual Camden Conference, "The Geopolitics of the Arctic: A Region in Peril", will take place February 20 – 21, 2021. For more information visit .


Indigenous Names Along the Penobscot River Paddling Trail with Cloe Chunn

On Tuesday October 20th, Cloe Chunn offered this talk as part of the Belfast Garden Club Speaker Series.

Cloe Chunn will show pictures of paddling the Penobscot River. She will tell us about seeing firsthand the meanings of Wabanaki place names along the way and also about creating the Penobscot River Paddling Trail. Cloe Chunn, former high school and college teacher, is a naturalist, outdoor writer, and Registered Maine Guide. She is cofounder of the Maine Master Naturalist Program. Her book, ‘Fifty Hikes in the Maine Mountains’ (W.W.Norton), has been a standard hiking guide for over 40 years. Exploring wild places, sharing them with others, and feeling her connection to Mother Earth, are what motivate Cloe.



“A Solo Canoe Trip on the Penobscot River: Reflections on Philosophy and The Environment” with Alejandro C. Strong.

Registered Maine Guide and philosophy professor, Strong recounts a recent canoe trip he took in Maine’s North Woods. Alejandro mixes stories from his recent trip, memories from 20 years of leading canoe trips, and philosophical reflections on nature and our place in it. Alejandro is the founder of Apeiron Expeditions, and teaches philosophy at Husson University. In both his guiding and research he is interested in helping people explore the relationship between natural environments and human culture.

This program was co-sponsored by the Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition and the Belfast Free Library.


Coyote Lives in a Democracy ~ presentation with Geri Vistein.

Geri Vistein , a Carnivore Biologist and the founder of Coyote Center for Carnivore Ecology and Coexistence here in Maine, gave this presentation on October 6, 2020.  The focus of her work is sharing with our communities the knowledge we are coming to know about our recovering carnivores, as well as the skills needed for us to live well with them.



Below is the September 21st recording of the City of Belfast Climate Crisis Committee launch of , "Belfast Coastal Flooding: Storms and Sea Level Rise" citizen science project to collect data on coastal flooding events in the Belfast Bay. This citizen science project invites people to participate by going to one of six designated sites around the Belfast Bay and take photographs of high water events which can then be uploaded to the project page on Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Ecosystem Investigation Network ( ). The data will be used by city planners and meteorologists at the National Weather Service (NWS) to help predict high water events and document coastal flooding.



On Tuesday, August 25th at 6:00pm, the Belfast Free Library and Friends of Sears Island hosted this virtual presentation with Seth Benz titled "Dust Off Your Binoculars, Fall Bird Migration is Upon Us!" This presentation covers the beauty and basics of fall bird migration, including where, when, and how to pay attention. Seth Benz is the director of bird ecology at Schoodic Institute in Acadia National Park. He has lived on a seabird island, counted hawks from a mountain top, caught peregrine falcons on an east coast barrier island, and introduced thousands of people to the pleasures of birds and birding.




On Tuesday July 28th the Belfast Free Library hosted Hester Kohl for a virtual presentation,“Transforming Anxiety into Joy”. Are you feeling stressed and anxious about the news? Are you waiting for things to return to “normal” before you can enjoy life? Join Hester Kohl, National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach for this interactive webinar to: learn how to recognize anxiety and how you can pause the cycle, use mindfulness and self-care to bring yourself back into the present moment, and discover how to use anxiety as your springboard for creativity, personal growth, and joy! Hester Kohl is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Facilitator in Camden, Maine. Her clients teach her again and again that JOY is the key to long-term wellness. As one of her clients said, “When I live a full life, I no longer need food to feel full”. To learn more about Hester’s approach to joy and wellness visit:



On Thursday June 4, 2020 noted Maine mycologist and author Greg Marley gave a presentation exploring common medicinal mushrooms with suggestions for integrating them into your diet and life. Several of these mushrooms are excellent edibles in their own right. This was virtual talk via Zoom, loaded with beautiful mushroom photographs and lots of information. Greg Marley has been pursuing his passion for mushrooms for more than 45 years. He has led numerous walks and talks on mushrooms as well as classes on mushroom identification and the identification and use of medicinal mushrooms for over 20 years. His interests and expertise include foraging, cultivation of mushrooms, collecting and cooking wild species, the ecology of mushrooms in our forests, and the use of medicinal mushrooms. He has been a volunteer mushroom identification consultant to The Poison Control Centers of Northern New England for a number of years. He is founder of Mushrooms for Health, a company offering medicinal mushroom supplements and education. The author of “Mushrooms for Health; Medicinal Secrets of Northeast Fungi” (2009) and “Chanterelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares; The Love Lore and Mystique of Mushrooms” (2010), Marley lives and mushrooms along the coast of Maine.


Friends of Sears Island and the Belfast Free Library hosted this virtual presentation about wildflower identification with Maine Master Naturalist Roberta Sharp on May 28,2020.


Voting Down the Rose: Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage, a World in Your Library talk from the Maine Humanities Council. This program was recorded on Thursday May 14, 2020 as part of the Library's Bicentennial Series. This talk commemorates an aspect of Maine’s History, the fight for Woman Suffrage with author Anne B. Gass. The talk was made possible by a grant from the Maine Humanities Council’s World in your Library Speaker Series. Anne Gass' talk is based on the book "Voting Down the Rose: Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine's Fight for Woman Suffrage", about the her great-grandmother. Florence Brooks Whitehouse.




Poetry Walk 2019

The first-ever Harbor/Poetry/Walk took place on the Belfast waterfront on Saturday, October 19,2019. Eight poets and Belfast historian Meagan Pinette lead the event along the Harbor Walk from the Belfast Armistice Bridge to the Boathouse. Poets included, Linda Buckmaster, Kathleen Ellis, Elizabeth Garber, Judy Kaber, Kristen Lindquist, Leslie Moore, Tom Moore, and Karin Spitfire.

In celebration of National Poetry Month let's revisit the symposium "Bird and Bulldozer", filmed in The Gammans Room of the library. On April 7, 2017 the Belfast Poetry Festival presented a symposium and open discussion on place, region and belonging. It featured poets Gary Lawless, Tom Moore, Kristen Lindquist, Mihku Paul and Stephanie Wade.




Ongoing DIY Programs :

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Every Wednesday, 4-5:30 in the Abbott Room

Open to all yarn enthusiasts! This drop-in event is a chance for knitters, crocheters, and other fiber makers of all experience levels to learn from each other while working on their own projects.  Library staff will have computers available to demonstrate how to use and other websites to help find patterns and organize your work. For more information please call 338-3884 ext.10

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