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Tuesday December 14th, 6:30 pm

United States-Europe-Russia. Is the West Over? a presentation with Seth Singleton

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Since the second world war the Atlantic alliance of Europe and North America – the West – has been the bedrock of world affairs. Within its area it brought peace and prosperity. The Atlantic alliance did not exist before 1945 and is now under stress. “The West” no longer dominates the world economy as it once did and argues about China – geopolitical threat or business opportunity? Europeans and Americans diverge in their worldviews and policies, for example toward climate change. Trump’s America First dismissed the West and Europeans worry that the Biden Presidency may be a temporary reprieve. The European Union is also divided; governments often disagree.

Strong alliances rely on shared values and beliefs – do they still exist?  How can the West adapt to a new era? And what will the world be like if it doesn’t?

This program is part of the Camden Conference Community Events series hosted by the Belfast Free Library.

The 35TH Annual Camden Conference:
February 25-27, 2022

The 2022 Camden Conference theme will be Europe today – what is happening and what we can anticipate.


Tuesday November 30th, 6:30 pm

Finding Hope in the Face of Climate Change with Susan B. Inches

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Ordinary people have more power to change the world than they think they do. But it is hard to stay positive and motivated in the face of devastating weather and constant bad news about politics and the environment. Join us as we welcome author Susan B. Inches for a presentation on how to find your power and take action for the environment—as an advocate or within current daily activities. By working together, we can create a healthy future where all life is respected, revered and nurtured. This talk will show you how.

About the Speaker: Susan B. Inches is author of the newly released book, Advocating for the Environment: How to Gather Your Power and Take Action. Sue has worked in public policy for over 25 years. As Deputy Director of the State Planning Office, she conducted research, designed and led public engagement processes, and lobbied on behalf of the Governor

This presentation is part of the ongoing series of programs for the All of Belfast Climate Dialogues, a project of the Belfast Free Library.