Town Reports

Waldo County contains the city of Belfast and 25 towns. Over the years, Belfast and each of the towns has published annual town reports, many of which include listings of births, marriages, or deaths within the prior year. Volunteers at the Belfast Free Library have extracted information from these vital records, which are now available on this website.

Note: Many town records are recorded for a municipal year or fiscal year, which may be different from the calendar year. For example, the 1936 Annual Report for Jackson is actually for the municipal year ending on 15 February 1937. Thus, while most of the data is for the calendar year 1936, entries in January and early February are for the year 1937. So please check each volume to determine the dates included.

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The towns of Monroe, Swanville, and Waldo did not include any vital record information in their annual reports, so they are not included in this index.

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